The Filter Results (by sumUp) gadget is similar to the built-in Jira Filter Results gadget extended by a sum row showing totals.



Select an existing filter or choose to enter custom JQL.


Only available if Custom JQL was selected in the Filter parameter.

No need to create hundreds of filters to be used in various gadgets - simply define the result set by adding custom JQL!

Columns to display

Add fields to be displayed as columns and reorder them using drag and drop.

Only certain fields can actually be summed up (e.g numeric fields, text fields with numeric values etc.)

Number of results

Choose how many results you want to display on your dashboard.

Additional options

The following additional options are available:

Auto refresh

Check this option to refresh the results of the gadget every 15 minutes.

Enabling this option is useful when displaying information that needs a periodic refresh. For example, displaying the gadget on wallboard.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.