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Features used to implement the example

Example: Number of linked bugs (with hyperlink)

Count the number of bugs linked to current issue and display the result as a hyperlink referring to the equivalent search results in the issue navigator.

A valid configuration for this Calculated Text Field:

Text to be parsed

  • "<a href='"+%{00169}+"/issues/?jql=issue%20in%20linkedIssues(\""+%{00015}+"\")%20and%20type%3DBug'>" + count(filterByIssueType(linkedIssues(),"Bug")) + "</a>"

Note that:

  • %{00169} is the field code for Jira Base URL
  • %{00015} is the field code for Issue key

Once configured and added to an issue screen, the result will look like this:

Clicking on the number leads to the issue navigator: