SINCE VERSION 2.0 The only shortcut you need is "g+x". The resulting popup is your future gateway to Jira configuration - this is a promise.

Unlike before, you are not limited to quickly navigate to configuration overview pages. Our advanced global search you will let you jump directly to every system entity in the Jira instance. A dedicated custom field or a specific workflow - all configuration elements, projects and schemes are at your fingertips.

  • Advanced global search - Search through all system entities by name, ID or key.
  • Save time searching for projects - Each project configuration is just a click away.
  • Additional information at a glance - each element is listed with its ID, grouped under their respective configuration area.

Clicking on any of the filtered items will redirect you to the specific configuration page, with the pre-selected filter that you chose.

Prior to version 2.3.0 the shortcut was dd and now, it changed to gx, but the old shortcut still works for now.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.