Bulk Delete is a feature which supports deletion of multiple Jira configurations at once, e.g. Issue type schemes or inactive workflows.

As of now, the bulk delete operation just works for unused (e.g. unused field configurations) or inactive (e.g. inactive workflows) items in Jira.

What can be deleted

The Bulk Delete operation is available for the following administrative items in Jira:

  • Inactive workflows
  • Inactive workflow schemes
  • Issue security schemes
  • Issue type schemes
  • Issue type screen schemes
  • Field configurations
  • Field configurations schemes
  • Notification schemes
  • Permission schemes
  • Priority schemes
  • Screens
  • Screen schemes
  • Statuses
Bulk delete in detail

The following picture shows the usage of Admin Toolbox's bulk delete.

All of the above listed, supported screens display the shown toolbar with the bulk delete button.

Clicking this button will cause the deletion of all unused and inactive items.

Bulk delete unused/inactive configurations

If there are items to delete, they will be listed and can be selected for deletion. By clicking on the checkbox on the top, all items in the list will be marked.

Only items that are not in use can be deleted. They must not be part of any schemes or projects.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.