Sort workflow transitions in a drag&drop fashion. The opsbar-sequence will be updated in the background.

Transitions can only be sorted if the workflow is in edit mode (inactive or draft).

Sorting transitions

The workflow's transitions can be sorted by hitting the "Sort" button in the dropdown menu.

In the opening popup window, the transitions can either be sorted via drag & drop, via entering the opsbar-sequence directly or via changing the opsbar-sequence using the buttons next to the sequence number.

When selecting one transition, that is reused in more steps, they will be highlighted in the same color.

Same transitions (with the same id) in different steps will always have the same opsbar-sequence number. If one number gets changed in a step, all other sequence numbers in the other steps will be changed as well.

After sorting the transitions and publishing the workflow, the updated order will be displayed in the issues using the specific workflow.

Intuitive transition display

You can select, in the text view of a workflow configuration, whether you want the transitions to be displayed in their sorted order.

When this option is selected, the transitions will also be formatted in a more intuitive manner.

This option does not affect the order of appearance in the issue.


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.