Admin Toolbox offers various little helpers that make your life easier when working with workflows. 

Drag and drop sorting

Applies to conditions and post functions only.

If you activate the Sort function you can quickly and easily sort conditions and post functions via drag & drop. You can even move conditions to other groups! 

When you're done, click on the sort icon again to save the changes and return to normal edit mode.

Minimizing while sorting

If conditions and post functions take up too much of your screen space they will automatically minimized when hitting the "Sort" button. 

With a single click on the zoom button you will get an inline view with the entire content of the condition that you can easily scroll through.


Group and ungroup conditions

Have you ever added a condition to the wrong group or forgotten to group conditions altogether? Admin Toolbox for Jira adds a quick group function to the workflow actions. If you click on the grouping icon the element will automatically be grouped with the element above.

If you made a mistake, simply use the sort function to update the grouping sequence.

Ungrouping conditions is as simple as grouping them, all you need is a single click on the Ungroup condition button.

You can toggle the logic for how the conditions in a group are applied between All and Any on the fly. No page refresh is needed anymore!

Delete workflow elements

Applies to conditions, validators, and post functions.

You can quickly delete any condition, validator, or post function. A dialogue will ask you to confirm the delete operation.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.