Workflow properties were an easily accessible but more or less hidden feature of workflow statuses or transitions. We reduced the effort of viewing and editing workflow properties by making them instantly available.

Auto-complete and validation

How many times did you have to manually add a long and complex property key? Admin Toolbox for Jira collects all properties configured in any workflow (most of them are being used in the Jira default workflow) and presents you with a list of available properties for you to choose from - context specific! No more typos, no more status properties accidentally used in a transition and vice versa. Of course, you can still manually update the keys but there is no immediate need.

Status properties

All status properties are listed in a tabular form whenever you look at a step/ status in the text view of the workflow editor. This makes it easy for you to add, update, reset or delete properties on the fly without having to navigate to the separate "View Properties" dialogue.

(info) System properties are not editable and greyed out.

Transition properties

Transition properties are listed in the same way as status properties with one exception - the location. Transition properties are listed right next to triggers, conditions, validators and post functions, in a separate tab.

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