ūüöĬ†Effective since¬†April 2020¬†and JWT version 2.9.0 Automation Toolbox for Jira is fully integrated into our top rated app Jira Workflow Toolbox (JWT).¬†ūüöÄ

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The Scheduled trigger is the perfect way to automatically trigger a rule at specific times.

There are a number of scheduling options to choose from or you can define your own custom schedule using a Cron Expression.

Scheduled rules can be used for any number of regular maintenance, escalation or one off "fix it" jobs.

Scheduled trigger configuration

Below you will find a detailed description of each parameter of the basic configuration of the trigger.

Run as* 

Select the user that will be used to execute the rule.

Start typing the user name for quicker selection.

Schedule / Interval* 

Define the exact time and interval when you want to trigger the rule. The time/day options differ depending on the selected schedule.


The rule will be executed every day. The specific time can be set in the Interval* parameter (e.g. once per day at 1:00 am).

Days per Week

The rule will be executed on certain day(s) per week. The day(s) and specific times can be set in Interval* parameter (e.g. every Monday at 7 AM). 

Days per Month

The rule will be executed on certain day(s) per month. The day(s) and specific times can be set in Interval* parameter (e.g. every 1st Monday of the month at 8 PM).


Use a Cron Expression to have fine-grained control on when the rule should be executed. Learn more about Cron Expressions.

Use cases

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