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Example: Copy the value of a user property into a user picker

We are using your Jira Workflow Toolbox plugin, and would like the ability to use the post-function Read user property to copy a value into a user picker field.. For example we have the user's manager stored as a user property, and we would like to copy that into a custom user picker field for use in certain workflows.

You have to use post-function Read user property. This post-function allows you to read a user property, but doesn't let you copy the value directly into a user picker. As a workaround you can use auxiliary field "Ephemeral string 1" as temporary storage, and then post-function Copy parsed text to a field to copy its value into the desired user picker custom field. Next version of the plugin (2.0.25) will enable post-function Read user property to copy the value directly into a user picker among other many types of custom fields and virtual fields.

We use post-function Read user property to copy the value of user property "Manager" in current user (logged user) into virtual field "Ephemeral string 1":

We use post-function Copy parsed text to a field the value in "Ephemeral string 1" into a user picker custom field "Authorizer":

Once configured, the transition looks like this:

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