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Example: Make attachment mandatory depending on the value of certain custom field

Is it possible to use Jira Workflow Toolbox to implement the following validation: In the "Create Issue" transition, the attachment must be required only if a custom field has certain values. The custom field is a select list (let us call it "Color"), so what we are expecting is something like this: when you are creating an issue, the attachment must be required if Color = "Blue" OR Color = "Red". For the rest of the list values the attachment would be optional.

The validation can be implemented using Boolean validator with math, date-time or text-string terms with the following configuration:

Text to be parsed is: %{11900} != "Blue" AND %{11900} != "Red" OR {00135} > 0

Note that:

  • %{11900}¬†is code for custom field "Color". This code dependes on each particular Jira instance.
  • {00135}¬†is code for numeric value of virtual field "Number of transition attachments".¬†

Virtual field "Number of attachments" (field code {00073}) may also be used, since at transition "Create Issue" both virtual fields contain the same value. Anyway, if you intend to implement this validation in other transitions, you should use virtual field "Number of transition attachments".

Once configured, the transition "Create Issue" will look like this:

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