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The app was completely overhauled, and so was the documentation: Jira Workflow Toolbox (Server/Data Center) Home

The page you are viewing is still valid for all app versions prior to 3.0.

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Example: Make a custom field mandatory when priority is "Critical" or "Blocker" and issue type is "Incident"

We will be able to implement this requirement using Boolean validator with math, date-time or text-string terms. I have implemented it successfully in a beta version of the plugin using the following configuration:

Text to be parsd is: %{00014} != "incident" OR (%{00017} != "Critical" AND %{00017} != "Blocker") OR %{10700} != null 

Or to implement it we can use validator Validation based on regular expression with the configuration shown in the following screenshot:

Text to be parsed is:



Note that:

  • To evaluate the value of fields "Priority" (field code %{00017}) and "Consequence of bug" (field code %{10700}) at the same time we compose a text with both fields using character '@'  as separator
  • We check  "Negate validation" since the regular expression introduced describes the kind of input we do not admit

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