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The app was completely overhauled, and so was the documentation: Jira Workflow Toolbox (Server/Data Center) Home

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Features used to implement the example

  • Create issues and sub-tasks

Example: Create a dynamic set of sub-tasks based on checkbox selection with unique summaries

In this example, multiple sub-tasks with unique summaries are added to an issue on issue creation based on the options selected in a custom checkboxes field "Additional issues". Whenever one of the options Newsletter, Release Notes or Documentation is selected, the corresponding sub-task will be created with the correct "Fixed Version" added to the summary of each sub-task.

The configuration will look like this:

As the number of sub-tasks should be dependant on the option selection, the Issues to be created option is set to String List with the value: toStringList(%{10200})

(info) Note that

  • %{10200} is the field code for the "Additional options" custom field (this field code might differ on your instance)

The dynamic summaries are parsed with the following expression:

getMatchingValue(^%,["Newsletter","Release Notes","Documentation"], ["Newsletter for Version " + %{00074}, "Release Notes for Version " + %{00074}, "Documentation for Version " + %{00074}])

(info) Note that:

  • %{00074} is the field code for "Fix Version/s"

Since this behaviour should only occur with release issues, the following Conditional execution is added: %{00014} = "Release"

Once configured the transition will look like this: 

(info) See Result screenshots post-function "Create multiple subtasks based on options checked in a checkbox".

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