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The app was completely overhauled, and so was the documentation: Jira Workflow Toolbox (Server/Data Center) Home

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Example: Parse description for creating issue links

Let's see a configuration that allows creating issue links of type "relates to" simply when we insert sentences like "relates to " + comma separated list of issue keys (e.g. relates to CRM-34, HR-12, HR-25) in an issue's Description. We need to use two post-functions in "Create Issue" transition (after "Creates de issue originally" post-function):

We insert Parse field for extracting data post-function in "Create Issue" transition using the following configuration:

Note that:

  • Leading delimiter is regular expression: relates\s+to\s+
  • Value format is regular expression for matching issue keys, optionally followed by a comma character: (\w+-\d+\s*,?\s*)+

We insert Create issue link post-function in "Create Issue" transition using the following configuration:

Once configured, "Create Issue" transition look like this:

Example result:

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