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Example: Prevent issue from moving forward if it's dependent on non-accepted tickets

We created linked issue blocking point in one of our workflow, which checks the "dependency of" links and does not allow to move forward if the ticket has unresolved dependencies. This works fine, but today I created another issue in the same project, linked the issue with a different type of link, and the validator blocks the transition as it would be a dependent issue, but it is only a cloner link.

The transition validator Validation on linked issues is configured as follows:

Allowed inward issue link types: is a dependency for.
Allowed outward issue link types: depends on.
Allowed issue types: Story.
Allowed issue statuses: Accepted.
Minimum number of issue links required: 0 
Maximum number of issue links allowed: 1000 
Linked issues can belong to any project. 
Issue link types not selected are not allowed
Issue types not selected are not allowed
Statuses not selected are not allowed
Message to show when validation fails: A dependent issue is not in the Accepted state.

This config blocks nicely the dependent linked issues until they are Accepted, but also block cloned linked issues. How should we change the validator configuration?

You simply have to change checkbox "Issue link types not selected are ..." from NOT ALLOWED to ALLOWED. This way the restriction only applies to selected issue link types.

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