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Example: Validate only issue links created in transition screen

In my instance, I have 2 projects that share the same workflow, the same screen schemes, field schemes, permission schemes... almost everything is exactly the same. I have a transition (Duplicate) which enforces the creation of a link of type "duplicates" from the transitioning issue to another one (chosen from the dedicated combobox). I created the transition with a Validator on linked issues.

Validator on linked issues checks all the issue links of the issue. If you want to check only those issue links added in transition screen, use Boolean validator with math, date-time or text-string terms with the following configuration:

Boolean expression used is: count(transitionLinkedIssues("")) >= 1 AND count(filterByProject(filterByIssueType(transitionLinkedIssues("duplicates"), "Improvement, Bug, Change Request, Feature, Story, Epic"), %{00018})) = count(transitionLinkedIssues(""))

Note that:

  • %{00018} is field code for "Project key"

By using this expression there has to be at least one issue linked during the transition and only the link type "duplicates" is allowed.

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