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Example: Transition linked issues in currently active sprint

In our environment we've two projects (A and B). Project A is for our R&D. Project B is a customization shared with the customer, both managed using Agile Sprints.  I'd like to be able to add an issue in my Project A sprint and if this issue has one or more links to a Project B issue I'd like to automatically move the linked(s) issue in the Project B active sprint. Is this something we can do with Jira Workflow Toolbox in a reasonably easy way?

It can be done, but you will have to execute a transition at Project A issue. You can add a transition in your workflow for setting or editing Sprint custom field (this can be a reflexive transition, i.e., a transition called "Set/Edit Sprint" that doesn't change status, since source and destination statuses are the same), or you can use other transitions in your workflow, e.g. "Create Issue" transition or any other one.  

Let’s suppose that at the moment of creating a new issue at Project A you want to move to “Resolve” status all linked issues of Project B which are in current active sprint. To do it you will have to insert two post-functions into “Create Issue” transition in the workflow used for the issues you are creating in Project A:

Use Copy parsed text to a field post-function to copy the name of the status you want to move issues in Project B to, into virtual field “Ephemeral string 1”:

Use Update issue fields post-function for setting "Issue status" virtual field in linked issues in Project B (project key PROJB) that are in current active sprint using the value stored in "Ephemeral string 1" virtual field:

Text to be parsed is: issuekey in linkedIssues(%{00015}) AND Sprint in openSprints() AND Sprint not in futureSprints() AND project = "PROJB"

Note that:

  • %{00015} is field code for "Issue key"
  • PROJB is what I suppose is the key of Project B

Once configured, transition "Create Issue" in workflow of issue in project A will look like this:

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