Conditions provide the necessary features to turn a rule into a structured vehicle to automate even the most complex processes.

Conditions can limit overall rule processing to specific issues meeting condition criteria or define different kinds of processing depending on issue content.

Conditions can be added to:

Think of a condition as an "IF - THEN" clause. Nested conditions can act as "IF -THEN -ELSE" clauses.

Available automation conditions

The following automation conditions are currently available:

The options actually available depend on which other elements (triggers and/or selectors) have been selected upfront.

Nested conditions

Combining multiple similar conditions with different actions is the most common use case for a nested condition. Each rule can have multiple nested conditions (a condition in another condition). This makes customizing your rules very intuitive and helps you get things done in no time.

Added an action or condition at the wrong place? Just use these awesome ui hacks to rearrange all elements as needed!

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