Build individual expressions to be evaluated.

Boolean conditions use all the features made available by the powerful expression parser. You add as many conditions to a rule as needed. 

The boolean condition will either return true or false - and the actions configured for each condition will only be performed when the condition returns true.

Read more about boolean or logical expressions.

Boolean condition configuration

Below you will find a detailed description of each parameter needed to configure the condition.


Enter a logical expression that will be checked. Field codes and parser expressions can be entered as well. 

A very common example would be a simple field value check: 

%{trigger.issue.status} = "Open"

followed by an action: For example: Add comment "Please start work"

Adding additional conditions checking for other statuses and combining them with different actions is a common example of a nested condition rule.

Additional options

Stop the execution if the condition is met

If the condition is fulfilled (returns true), the execution of the rule will stop after the condition. All elements following the condition will not be executed.

Invert condition

When selected, the condition's logic will be inverted.

This option is really helpful if you have very complex expressions. Simply re-use an expression on a second condition and invert it instead of inverting / negating every statement inside the expression.

Use cases and examples

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.