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Use case

The calculated fields provided by JWT are an excellent tool to work with real-time issue data. Due to Jira's architecture there is a little flaw when it comes to working with data from other issues.

Taken the Total of all story points in an epic use case as an example, the data shown in the issue view of the epic is always accurate. However, when changing the story points in a story in that epic, the epic's index is not updated automatically and therefore JQL searches might return wrong or misleading results until the epic is updated and thereby reindexed again.

In this use case we will perform a reindex on the epic of a story as soon as the story points are updated.

 Field changed event

Create a new rule and name it appropriately.

Providing a description will help you to identify what the rule does but this step is optional.

Add a Trigger → Field changed event


Choose Story Points

Changed to

Choose Any value

 Boolean condition (optional)

Click on Add → Boolean condition

Add the following expression:

%{trigger.issue.project.key} = "JWT" and %{trigger.issue.issueType} = "Story"

Assuming the rule should only be run against stories in a specific project, the expression shown would ensure doing so only for stories in the JWT project.

 Issue selector

Click on Add → Issue selector

Choose Linked epic as the target issue.

 Reindex issue action

Add Action → Reindex issue

No further configuration needed.


This is how the configuration above should look on your screen

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If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.