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Use case

Retrieve all issues which belong to the projects PLAT and WEB, whose assignee is not active anymore and in which the current user was an assignee in the past.


Use the following JQL:

issue in issueSelection("project in (PLAT, WEB)", "!isActive(%{issue.assignee}) and %{system.currentUser} in fieldHistory(%{issue.assignee})")

Details to keep in mind

To set the subquery, it is recommended to test it beforehand in the issue navigator. The less issues returned by the subquery, the faster the function will be executed, so the more precise the subquery, the better.

To further refine the issues returned, the following functions are used:

  • isActive() to check whether the current assignee is an active user
  • fieldHistory() to query the field history of the assignee field


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.