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Use case

Retrieve all issues which belong to the projects PLAT and TIS, which are in status "Waiting Review" and whose "Needed testing" field equals "Integration".


Use the following JQL:

issue in issueSelection("project in (TIS, PLAT) AND status = 'Waiting Review' ORDER BY key DESC", "%{issue.cf13900}=\"Integration\"")

Details to keep in mind

To set the subquery, it is recommended to test it beforehand in the issue navigator. The less issues returned by the subquery, the faster the function will be executed, so the more precise the subquery, the better.

Both the subquery and the logical expression cannot include double quotations, they should include the following instead:

  • In the subquery include  ' instead of  ".
  • In the logical expression there should be written  \"  instead of  ".
Our Logical mode allows to run exact text search on JQL, so now it is possible to run it on every text field.


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.