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Use case

In this example, the Log work post function will be used to log work on another ticket.

In this case there is a Jira ticket for each employee. In addition, "Absence" tickets can be created for a specific day. If this ticket gets approved, 8 hours will be logged on the related employee ticket.

The employee ticket must have the summary "Employee <username>".


First, we have to create a date custom field to enter the absence day.

Set up the custom field

Create a Date Picker custom field

Name: Absence day

Add the created custom field to the screen(s) of the absence ticket.


Add the Log work post function to the desired transition or create a new transition.

Target issue

Choose Set target issue manually


Enter the following expression with mode set to JQL:

summary ~ "Employee %{issue.reporter}"

Time spent

Enter the following number:


Since the time spent must be entered in minutes and 8h correspond to 480 minutes, this number has to be entered.

Starting date-time

Enter the following expression:

stringToDate(%{issue.cfnnnnn} + " 08:00", "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm")

cfnnnnn is the field code for the Absence day custom field we've previously created.

Update the field code to the corresponding field code on your instance!

Work description

Enter a description like the following:


Feel free to change the description according to your needs!

Additional options

Remaining estimate

Choose Auto adjustment

Conditional execution

Finally, we add a conditional execution so that the post function will only be executed if the issue's summary is "Absence".

%{issue.summary} ~ "Absence"


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.