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Use case

Never miss a thing from a high priority issue by receiving email notifications to remind you of your high priority issues that might have slipped out of your mind.

The email will be sent once a week for all high priority issues that aren't resolved yet.

Scheduled event

Create a new rule and name it appropriately.

Providing a description will help you to identify what the rule does but this step is optional.

Add a Trigger → Scheduled


Choose Days per Week


Choose once per day at 1:00 am and check Monday

JQL selector

Add the following expression:

priority = High and resolution is empty

Send email action

Next to the JQL selector click on Add → Action → Send email


Select the user that the email will be sent from.


Select the recipients.


First, enter a subject for your email

%{trigger.issue.key} = "is of high priority"

Then a body

Please take care of this issue first. 

Enable the rule by clicking on the Enable button → 


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Import the example

Import the JSON file below to get started in no time.


After importing the JSON file, make sure to check the configuration of the rule. Non-existing configuration elements (issue types, fields, values etc.) will be highlighted.

    "name": "Notify for high priority issues",
    "description": "",
    "creator": "admin",
    "status": false,
    "triggerData": "",
    "triggerType": "SCHEDULED",
    "configuration": {
        "refs": [
        "runAs": "admin",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.dailyWeeklyMonthly": "daysOfWeek",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.daysOfMonthOpt": "dayOfMonth",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.monthDay": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.week": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.day": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.interval": "0",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runOnceHours": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runOnceMins": "0",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runOnceMeridian": "am",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runFromHours": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runFromMeridian": "am",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runToHours": "1",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.runToMeridian": "am",
        "scheduledTriggerCron.weekday": "2",
        "triggerType": ""
    "children": [
            "sequence": 0,
            "type": "JQL_SELECTOR",
            "ruleEntityType": "SELECTOR",
            "configuration": {
                "refs": [
                "jql": "priority = High and resolution is empty",
                "jqlParsingMode": "jql",
                "actingUser": "field_00020"
            "children": [
                    "sequence": 0,
                    "type": "SEND_MAIL",
                    "ruleEntityType": "ACTION",
                    "configuration": {
                        "refs": [
                        "fromOption": "fromUser",
                        "fromUser": "admin",
                        "toUsersInField": [
                        "toUser": [
                        "subject": "%{trigger.issue.key} = \"is of high priority\"",
                        "subjectParsingMode": "textBasic",
                        "contentType": "text/html",
                        "mailPriority": "3",
                        "sendingMode": "common",
                        "body": "Please take care of this issue first. \r\nCheers, \r\nAdmin",
                        "bodyParsingMode": "textBasic"
                    "children": null,
                    "hasChildren": false
            "hasChildren": true
    "hasChildren": true

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.