Startnig with version 1.4.0, new functionality is available for Attachments.

They can be individually renamed, copied and moved directly in the Space Admin Browser - the same way spaces and pages are moved.

(info) Renaming the attachment versions is not possible. Only the latest attachment version will be copied.

(warning) To get the attachments displayed the detail view has to be acitvated.

Renaming attachments

Attachments can be renamed the same way as pages get renamed and can be done by selecting the attachment and

  • clicking Edit and Rename
  • clicking the rename button
  • pressing F2
  • using the context menu

Attachment names have to be unique on a page, so renaming an attachment with the same name as an existing attachment is not allowed.

Moving attachments

Moving attachments is like moving pages. Either the attachment node or individual attachments can be selected and moved

  • via drag and drop
  • by pressing m
  • by clicking Edit and Move
  • by clicking the move button

Copying attachments

Copying attachments works like moving them by selecting either the attachment node or individual attachment(s) and

  • clicking Edit and Copy
  • pressing C
  • pressing the Copy button

In the pop up window a target space and a optional parent page can be selected.

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