With the Search and replace function it is possible to search through the entire space or page for a certain text and replace it with a new one.

The Search and replace function can be found:

  • In the edit menu
  • In the toolbar
  • By pressing S

This function can be useful when copying spaces, for example when content has a lot of references to old content like links, comments, names, etc.

For replacing a specific text content select a space or a page and open the popup window in the described way above.

Be careful when unchecking the "Respect XML Tags". This might break your pages if misused.

Check the example at the bottom of this page.

The following options can be used:

Simple text or regexIt can be searched via simple text content or regular expression
Replace bySearched text gets replaced by this content
Respect XML tags
  • It means that the searching will not break XML tags and will replace only the visible content on the page
  • Use this function carefully, if you don't understand Confluence's XML structure because it might break your pages!
Content choice
ChangeThe following options can be changed. If one of this gets unchecked it will not be browsed.
Content search
Content search

How the content will be searched (recursive or not) and if blog posts should be included

It can either be searched for content, previewed what changes will be done or directly replaced (this option cannot be undone).


Replacing content when "Respect XML tags" checkbox is unchecked

After copying a space, I want all my links in the new space to point to my new space. This will not happen automatically, so I can use the "Search and replace" functionality from Space Admin.

This is how the tag looks like at the moment (to get the page in this format, I have to click on the page options "View Storage Format" )

<ri:page ri:space-key="NS" ri:content-title="New space Home" /> //original tag

This is how I want it to be replaced:

<ri:page ri:space-key="AS" ri:content-title="Another space Home" /> //updated tag

But what will not work, is searching for:

<ri:page ri:space-key="NS"

And replacing with:

<ri:page ri:space-key="AS"
Because in this way, I will break Confluences XML structure.

To save time and get things done quickly, check the following page for helpful shortcuts.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.