Space Shuttle simplifies the navigation between spaces in Confluence.

The app creates a new dropdown menu in the Confluence header which will be used as a shortcut to individual spaces or external links.

The spaces can be divided into categories and sub-categories (in the image above: "Customer" and "Projects" as categories and "Atlassian Customer" as sub-category).

(info) Once set up, the Space Shuttle is visible for every user in Confluence.


The Space Shuttle can be used by every Confluence user. Only spaces the user has access to will be shown.

When space shuttle is activated, but no categories are defined, the menu is not displayed.

Set custom menu title


Since version 2.2.0 it is possible to change the title in the menu bar for the space shuttle.

In the upcoming popup window a custom title can be entered or the default settings can be restored.

Finally, the entered title will appear in the Jira navigation bar.


(info) For the configuration of Space Shuttle administrator permissions are needed.

The Space Shuttle can be set up in the Confluence administration → Space Shuttle Configuration.

Custom icons


Since version 2.2.0 it is possible to add custom icons to links and categories.

Icons can be added when creating or editing links and categories.


To add a new category, the Add category button has to be pressed, followed by entering a unique name.

The category will now be shown in the list.

Hovering over a category displays options to edit, add a categoryAdd spaces to it and Remove it.

tinymce.emotions_dlg.warning Removing a category will automatically remove all containing elements (categories, spaces, links).


Spaces can be added to the Space Shuttle by clicking the Add spaces to Space Shuttle button.

In pop-up window that opens, these spaces can be added by clicking on the space name and can be sorted alphabetically by using the sorting buttons.

If a category exists and you want to add spaces, click the Add spaces button when hovering over the category row.


Links can be added by clicking the Add links to Space Shuttle button, where you specify the link text and URL.

These links can be Confluence links or external links. Like spaces, they can be added to categories and moved using drag and drop.

Links are opened in a new browser tab and are always visible, even for anonymous users.


In the configuration view, the space shuttle elements (categories, spaces, links) can be sorted and reordered through drag and drop.
This makes navigation configuration easy and straightforward.

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