To pass this check (tick), the total of all time logged on any given day must not exceed 10 hours.

Related laws and regulations

🇪🇺 EU Working Time Directive

Article 6 EU Working Time Directive

Maximum weekly working time

Member States shall take the measures necessary to ensure that, in keeping with the need to protect the safety and health of workers:

(a) the period of weekly working time is limited by means of laws, regulations or administrative provisions or by collective agreements or agreements between the two sides of industry;

(b) the average working time for each seven-day period, including overtime, does not exceed 48 hours.

🇩🇪 Arbeitszeitgesetz

§ 3 Arbeitszeitgesetz (ArbZG)

Arbeitszeit der Arbeitnehmer

Die werktägliche Arbeitszeit der Arbeitnehmer darf acht Stunden nicht überschreiten. Sie kann auf bis zu zehn Stunden nur verlängert werden, wenn innerhalb von sechs Kalendermonaten oder innerhalb von 24 Wochen im Durchschnitt acht Stunden werktäglich nicht überschritten werden.



Working day

See Rules for details about metrics.


Maximum daily working hours


Check that users have not worked more than 10 hours on a given day.

Always use descriptive descriptions. They will be shown on the Rules overview page. 



Working time

Hours: 10

Minutes: 0

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