Reports are the connection between rules and your Tempo timesheets. 

All rules contained in a report will be checked against the selected timesheets and defined period to instantly show you whether a timesheet has passed or failed the checks.

If checks fail, you will get details on the when and why. 

To ensure a complete and correct reporting, Timesheet Check works independent of all Jira and Tempo permissions and issue security. 

If a user cannot access a timesheet because of lacking permissions, the timesheet will still be checked when running a report! However, only the results of the check against the configured rules and no detailed worklog information will be shown to the user running the report. 

Create a report

Reports can be created by anyone that has been granted the global Administer Jira permission or the Manage reports permission.

Create your first report

Navigate to the Timesheet Check app either in the Apps admin section or the upper Apps dropdown menu.

Click on configuration or Reports (in the administration panel).

Click on +New report

Add a report name.

Optionally add a description.

Always use descriptive descriptions. They will be shown on the Reports overview page. 

Add at least one rule to your report. The rule(s) will be run against all selected timesheets.

Adding multiple rules to a report (e.g. a team or company report) will reduce the number of reports needed. 

Select the timesheets you want to check. The report will validate the timesheets of all selected users or Tempo teams against the rules contained in the report.

Select Current user if you want to share the report with others users. The user will be replaced by the user running the report at runtime!


Select the user(s) or group(s) which should have access to this report.

Once a report has been shared with a user, it will show up under Reports for that user. 

Users need the Access reports permission to access and run any report that was shared with them.

Click on Create

Run a report

Reports can be run by anyone that has been granted the Access or manage reports permission or the global Administer Jira permission.

Navigate to the Timesheet Check app in the upper Apps dropdown menu.

Click on Reports.

Click on the Run button next to any report 

Click on the  icon to mark a report as a favorite. 

Favorite reports will always display on top of all other reports that have been shared with you.

Select the Tempo period you want to check.

Click on Run.

Depending on the number of timesheets and rules to check, this process can take some time.

Check the results

There are three potential results of running a report. It either passes successfully (tick), with warnings (warning) or it fails (error).

In case of failures, Timesheet Check will tell you exactly which check/rule failed and for which timesheet/user and lets you open the timesheets in a new window on the fly.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.

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