Global Timesheet Check settings can only be customized by a Jira administrator. In order to access the settings tab, head over to the Timesheet Check menu in the Apps administration section.


Access reports

This permission controls the general access to Timesheet Check. You can grant access to reports to specific users or groups in your organization.

Once granted, user(s) will be able to:

See the Timesheet Check app in the upper Apps menu.

Run any report they have access to.

Manage reports

This permission controls access to the report configuration page. The permission can be granted to individual users or groups.

Once granted, you can Create and share a report even without having Jira admin privileges.


Minimum rest break duration

Minimum rest break duration

Breaks will only be counted as such, if they match or exceed the number of minutes specified here.

According to some local laws and policies, breaks must have a defined minimum length of for instance 15 minutes. Breaks between two worklog entries that are shorter will not be counted as breaks.

Will be counted as a break (duration >= 15m) (tick)Will not be counted as a break (duration < 15m) (error)

By default this value is set to 15 minutes.

🇩🇪 German law

§ 4 Arbeitszeitgesetz (ArbZG) 🇩🇪


Die Arbeit ist durch im voraus feststehende Ruhepausen von mindestens 30 Minuten bei einer Arbeitszeit von mehr als sechs bis zu neun Stunden und 45 Minuten bei einer Arbeitszeit von mehr als neun Stunden insgesamt zu unterbrechen. Die Ruhepausen nach Satz 1 können in Zeitabschnitte von jeweils mindestens 15 Minuten aufgeteilt werden. (→ Settings)

Länger als sechs Stunden hintereinander dürfen Arbeitnehmer nicht ohne Ruhepause beschäftigt werden.

Work days

Work days

Define your company's working days. This setting, in addition to the Tempo holiday settings, specifies which days to count as non-working.

The No logs on non-working days (read-only) rule builds on this configuration to make sure users do not log time during these days.

By default this value is set to Monday to Friday.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.

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