Timesheet Check and Tempo Timesheets are best friends 🧡 - but only if you connect them and authenticate with Tempo.

The Timesheet Check reports are based on the worklogs and metadata, such as periods, that come directly from Tempo.

If you don't establish a connection between both apps, Timesheet Check will not be able to fetch relevant data.

Use a service user for authenticating Timesheet Check!

In order to let Timesheet Check correctly work with Tempo it is - according to Tempo - best-practice to use a dedicated service user that handles the authentication flow!

This service user must have the following permissions:

With this user you should follow the steps listed below.

(warning) When not using a dedicated user that has the above listed permissions, it will most likely happen that you don't get access to all needed worklogs within our app!

Tempo authentication (Step 1 of 3)

Navigate to Jira settings → Apps → Timesheet Check → Tempo authentication

All instructions are provided directly in the app!

Navigate to the Tempo OAuth 2.0 Applications settings and click on New Application.

The Tempo settings page will open in a new tab.

Copy and paste the name:

Timesheet Check

Copy and paste the redirect URI provided.

Client type

Select Confidential

Authorization grant type

Select Authorization code

Click on Create Application.

Tempo authentication (Step 2 of 3)

Copy the Client ID and Client secret from your newly registered application in the OAuth 2.0 Applications settings and paste them.

If you closed the Tempo page by mistake simply, click on Credentials under the Actions menu next to your recently created application.

Tempo authentication (Step 3 of 3)

Click on Authorize to trigger the Tempo authorization request.

Confirm that you trust the page by clicking on Continue.

You will then be automatically re-directed to a Tempo authorization page.

Confirm the request by clicking on Authorize Access and then Onwards! to complete the authorization process.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.

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