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New features


  • The custom field filters are back! (only affecting customers using Jira 7.12 or greater)
  • Two views of the custom field configuration page: Basic (Jira built-in view) and Advanced (Admin Toolbox for Jira custom view)
  • When sorting workflow post functions, the order ID will be displayed
  • When copying conditions, validators or post functions the active draft will now be preselected
  • Workflows will be sorted by status first in the workflow report
  • The workflow report can now easily be accessed from the sidebar in the Jira administration (and by using gg or . shortcut)
  • Improved UI in the workflow report
  • Removed the status icon in filters
  • UI improvements in the project shuttle

Bug fixes

  • Fixed nullpointer trying to get default items in a scheme
  • Fixed bug that removed the transition screen in source workflow when copying the transition
  • Copying a Scriptrunner post function did not work under certain circumstances
  • Fixed unwanted behavior when copying a validator after deleting one without reloading the page
  • Fixed broken links in the workflow report
  • Project shuttle did not display sub-categories that only contained links
  • Fixed broken filter for permission schemes
  • Fixed dead link in workflow report when trying to edit workflows containing special characters in their names
  • After copying a post function "Move up/ Move down" for re-ordering post function was not working anymore
  • Workflow search field was not displaying correct results after copying more than one condition from another workflow