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Features used to implement the example

  • Write field on linked issues or sub-tasks
  • Virtual fields "Issue status" or "Execute transition": writing into these fields the name of an status or the name of a transition respectively, makes an issue progress through its workflow, provided conditions and validators in the transition are satisfied

This example is considered outdated. Please head over to the one using our Transition issues post function here.

Example: Automatically transition sub-tasks to certain status when parent issue is transitioned to another status

We are going to explain how we can automatically move all sub-tasks to a certain status in sub-task's workflow, when parent issue is moved to another status in parent's issue workflow.

In this example we suppose that both parent's and sub-task's workflows have a status called "Cancelled". We want to automatically cancel all sub-tasks when parent issue is cancelled. We also suppose that there is a global transition called "Cancel Issue" in both workflows (parent's and sub-task's) which has as target status "Cancelled".

To implement this use case we insert Write field on linked issues or sub-tasks post-function in transition "Cancel Issue" in parent's workflow, using the following configuration:

Once configured, the transition looks like this:

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