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This example is considered outdated. Please head over to the one using our Transition issues post function here.

Example: Change parent's status depending on sub-task's summary

I have some doubts and I am unable to solve them:
I have a Task and Sub-task: If the summary of a sub-task contain "Create estimate", then the task gets the new status "estimate created" (execute transition in Task).

You have to insert Set field as a function of other fields post-function in "Create Issue" post-function of sub-task's workflow. Use the following configuration:

Setting rule used requires JIRA Workflow Toolbox 2.1.32 or higher. Prefix i makes the regular expression to be evaluated ignoring the case of the text in the summary. Used expression is:

i(.*create estimate.*)In Progress

If you are using an older version of the plugin, use the following equivalent setting rule:

((?i).*create estimate.*)In Progress

Once configured, "Create Issue" transition in sub-task's workflow will look like this:

Please check that:

  • There is a transition from current parent status to the new status, and that all the conditions and validations in that transition are satisfied.
  • In order to discard that the setting rule is not being triggered because of the condition on "Summary" is not satisfied, please, replace the setting rule with (.*)Estimated created which is always satisfied.

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