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The app was completely overhauled, and so was the documentation: Jira Workflow Toolbox (Server/Data Center) Home

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Features used to implement the example

Example: Creating a Jira Service Desk internal comment on linked issues

Is this possible?: Writing to or reading from linked issues we need to set a new comment in a Service Desk project, but the comment has to be "Internal". At the moment,  new comments are shared with the customer.

We can use post-functions Write field on linked issues or subtasks or Update issue fields selecting "New comment" or "New comment (sends email notifications)" as target field, for creating comments on linked issues, sub-tasks, or any issue selections by JQL or issue list expression. Comments created by this procedure will not have any visibility restriction, but we can limit the visibility by making our comments end in ": {visibility=visibility_value}", with visibility_value being a project role name a group name, "jsd_internal" or "jsd_public", as explained at: Add a comment.

Let's say we want to add an internal comment in all tasks of an Epic issue. In this case we use the post function Update issue fields:

Text to be parsed is: This is an internal comment created by the Epic issue.: {visibility=jsd_internal}

Other examples of that functions

Write field on linked issues or sub-tasks

Write field on issues returned by JQL Query or Issue List