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Example: Block a transition until all subtasks have certain fields populated

I have a parent issue (issue type A) and this issue could have sub-tasks (issue type B). The sub-tasks have two custom fields (one custom field is a user picker custom field, "user", and the other custom field is a date picker custom field, "date").

I want to allow certain workflow transition in "issue A" only if all their sub-tasks have a value on custom fields "user" and "date". Basically, I want to know if sub-tasks' custom fields are not empty as a condition of issue workflow transition for "issue A".

Using Jira Workflow Toolbox a condition or a validation can be implemented, so that you can prevent a transition from being executed while there are sub-tasks that do not have certain fields populated. Let us see an example:

To implement this example we are going to use Boolean validator with math, date-time or text-string terms with the following configuration:

Boolean expression used is: 

count(filterByFieldValue(filterByFieldValue(subtasks(), %{00070}, !=, ""), %{00012}, !=, "")) = count(subtasks())

Note that:

  • %{00070} is code for string value of "Environment"
  • %{00012} is code for string value of "Due date"

This example, can be extended to any number of fields and custom fields, and can also be restricted to certain types of subtasks using function filterByIssueType.

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