Validators are used to guarantee accuracy of existing issue data or data entered on a transition screen before a transition is executed. 

JWT for Jira Cloud currently offers a single, but yet very powerful validator to let you control under what circumstances users can execute a transition - the Jira expression validator.

As the name states, the validator uses the built-in Cloud functionality of Jira expressions - a unique feature of Jira Cloud which is developed by Atlassian.

Available validators

Jump right in and configure a Jira expression validator. Some built-in examples are already prepared for you.

If you need more help on how to construct expressions check out the documentation on Jira expressions, and available field codes and operators or check out the use cases and examples below. 

Get started in no time!

To help you getting started, JWT for Jira Cloud comes with a predefined set of example configurations that you can apply with a single click.

Use cases and examples

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.