The numeric parsing mode is the perfect fit if you need to perform any kind of calculation or if you want to simply set a numeric field, such as Story Points. 

This mode accepts the use of field codes which will be replaced at runtime with the corresponding field value of the issue currently being processed. 

Field codes need to either return a number or a timestamp. Alternatively they can be converted (cast) from a text to number (e.g. using toNumber()). Additional information can be found in the Data types section.

Example expressions

Parser expressionDescription
1 + 1

This example returns:



This example returns:


addDays({issue.duedate}, 2, LOCAL)

This example adds 2 days to the issue's due date. 

The numeric mode can also be used for all date and date-time calculations

Do you want to see the result as a string? Just switch to the Advanced text mode and wrap your expression around one of the following functions:

Make sure to read all about working with Numbers and Dates, times and time zones as they come with many extremely useful JWT expression parser functions.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.