This post function can be used for replacing a substrings with the content of another field.

You can implement this same behavior using more advanced features like the Update or copy field values or Format field value post functions.


Target field

Select the field where the substring should be replaced.

Replacement field

Select the field to copy the replacement value from.

Regular expression

Enter plain text representing a valid regular expression and optionally use field codes to insert field values. The expression will be used to match the substring in the selected target field.

Additional options

Choose to update issues immediately if you want Jira to fire a separate "Issue updated" event for any field change.  This will also result in a dedicated issue history entry.

Conditional execution

You can optionally specify a logical expression to define the circumstances (or conditions) under which the post function should be executed.

The result of the logical expression must return a boolean value of either:

  • true → the post function will be executed
  • false → the post function will not be executed

Using the conditional operator, even complex or multi-layered conditions can be constructed.

Make sure to learn more about defining logical expressions and browse through the various examples here: Logical mode

Use cases and examples

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.