This post function is used for updating and optionally creating JWT project properties.



Define the action to be taken if the project property does not exist. You have the following two options:


Create the property and assign the value

Creates a new property in the current project and sets it to the value specified in this post function.

Do nothing

Skip the post function, if the property does not exist.
Property key

Enter plain text defining the JWT property key of the property that should be created or updated in Basic text mode

Property value

Define the value the property should be set to in Basic text mode.

Conditional execution

You can optionally specify a logical expression to define the circumstances (or conditions) under which the post function should be executed.

The result of the logical expression must return a boolean value of either:

  • true → the post function will be executed
  • false → the post function will not be executed

Using the conditional operator, even complex or multi-layered conditions can be constructed.

Make sure to learn more about defining logical expressions and browse through the various examples here: Logical mode

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.