JWT project properties are key-value pairs added to a project description.

The main goal of the properties is to provide project metadata, which can be referenced and used in multiple JWT features.

Format of JWT project properties

A JWT project property can be added to any project description in the following format:


The screenshot shows an example with 5 JWT project properties:

Property keyProperty valuePotential use case
codeReviewcompulsoryCould be used to enforce certain parts of the workflow related to code reviews using Condition on JWT project property or Validation of JWT project property.
maxResponseTime30Could be used to set individual SLA times per project. These could be used in combination with JWT JQL functions to set up filter subscription or to automatically update an issue priority using an Update field action.
technologyjavaCould be used in many JWT functions or expressions using the Advanced text mode.
databaseoracleCould be used in many JWT functions or expressions using the Advanced text mode.
stageURLhttps://stage/myappCould be used in many JWT functions or expressions using the Advanced text mode.

JWT project properties and workflows

Project properties were initially aimed at customizing your workflow behavior depending on project features (metadata added to projects in the form of project properties).

For example you can use project properties to:

  • Enable/disable transitions depending on project property values.
  • Set project customized values for timelines (dates), costs, weights, or any other date/numerical values used in your workflows. Can also be used for implementing non-numerical or non-date attributes.
  • Set priorities among projects, that may be inherited by issues, for example by using priority adjustment tables.
  • Provide project related metadata that may be used by the workflow post functions to compose project customized dynamic text, setting custom or virtual fields with project customized values, etc, e.g., customer information, servers URLs, etc.

Conditions and Validators

Post functions

Logical expressions

JWT project properties can be referenced and validated when writing a logical expression in the Logical mode (e.g in the conditional execution parameter of post functions).

Available functions

JWT provides special parser functions to work with JWT project properties.

JWT project properties and JQL

You can use JWT project properties in JQL queries, by using any of the JQL functions provided by Jira Workflow Toolbox:

Setting the default assignee for a project role

You can use JWT project properties in the Assign to project role post function for setting a default assignee for a specific project role.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.