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Example: Sum "Time Spent" in all sub-tasks of issues linked with issue link types "LinkA", "LinkB", "LinkC"

I have this scenario:

In post-function "Save LoggedWord" I need to go throught all linked issues to current issue by link type names LinkA, LinkB, LinkC, etc. In each linked issue I need to go throught all of its sub-tasks and sum "Time Spent" on each. So I need all time spents from all sub-tasks from all linked issues. Is this feasible with the current version of Read fields from linked issues or sub-tasks postfunction?

You can do it using post-function Mathematical and date-time expression calculator with the following configuration:

Note that:

  • {00025} is field code for virtual field "Total time spent"
  • Target field "Sum of time spent" is a custom field to type Number that will store sum of time spent of sub-tasks of linked issues in minutes

Once configured, the transition will look like this:

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