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Example: Increment a field or set to 1 if it's not set

I want to increment a number field, but the issue I have with the function Mathematical and date-time expression calculator in that when the field has a number it increments correctly, but for the very first increment the Number field is empty, so the function requests that it be initialised and fails.

I then tried the Copy a parsed text to a field to see if this expression would work: %{11002} = Null ? 1 : (sum({11002},1))

You should use Mathematical and date-time expression calculator with the following expression:

{11002} = null ? 1 : {11002} + 1

Just for fun, this is an alternative expression:

{11002} = null ? 1 : sum(toNumberList(%{11002} + ", 1", ","))

Another alternative expression

sum([{11002}]) + 1

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