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Example input

This is a new comment.

Adds a new comment to the issue. It will trigger any event for email notifications. If you need to suppress email notifications, use New comment instead.

You can optionally add the parameter visibility to set comment visibility.

Simply add : {visibility=visibility_value} at the end of the text. This parameter permits the same values as Last comment's visibility restriction.


This is a comment only visible to members of the Administrators project role: : {visibility=Administrators}

This is a comment only visible to Jira Service Management agents and collaborators: : {visibility=jsd_internal}

This is a comment also visible to Jira Service Management customers: {visibility=jsd_public}

The main use case for this virtual field is to add a comment through the Update or copy field values post function or the Update field action. In this case, you will have to pick this field from the available dropdown menu.

If you just want to add a simple comment, try using one of the following features: