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Use case

This use case is useful for giving instructions on how create several issues from the combination of two fields with different options. Every newly created issue will contain a different combination of these two fields and there will be a issue for each possible combination.


Set up custom fields

Create a Select List (single choice) custom field

Name: Countries


  • Germany
  • Spain
  • US

Create another Select List (single choice) custom field

Name: Approaches


  • Approach A
  • Approach B


Add a Create issue post function to the workflow transition of your choice.
Issues to be created


Write an expression using this format with parsing mode in Number.

count(toStringList(%{issue.cfCountry})) * count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}))

Issue type

Choose Selected issue type.

Specific issue type

Choose Sub-task.

Parent issue

Choose Current issue.


Enter the following expression 

"Country: " + nthElement(toStringList(%{issue.cfCountry}),ceil(^ / count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches})))) + " / Zusatzinfo: " + nthElement(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}),(modulus(^,count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}))) = 0 ? count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches})) : modulus(^,count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}))))

with parsing mode set to Advanced text.


Enter the following expression

nthElement(toStringList(%{issue.cfCountry}),ceil(^ / count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}))))

with parsing mode set to Advanced text.


Enter the following expression

nthElement(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}),(modulus(^,count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches}))) = 0 ? count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches})) : modulus(^,count(toStringList(%{issue.cfApproaches})))))

with parsing mode set to Advanced text.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.