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Use case

Creating repetitive issues might be time-consuming work, especially when done on a daily basis. This post function can be used for pre-configuring a set sub-tasks.

Each time the transition is executed, all needed sub-tasks will be created depending on the selected values in a checkbox field.

Should I use a workflow post function or an automation rule?

When to use this workflow post function and when to use an automation rule?

This use case is very useful, if repetitive issues have to be created in only one project or workflow. Then a post function is the easier way to go.

But if this setup is needed for several projects, the Create issue action would make more sense.  In this case you might want to check out our corresponding automation use case.


Add a Create issue post function to the desired workflow transition.

The Create issue transition might be here the best choice. When added to the Create issue transition, the post function will be automatically executed each time an issue is created.

Issues to be created


Choose Multiple issues


Enter the following parser expression

# Replace the field code with the one of your custom field. Use the field dropdown to automatically insert the field code.
# You can use any field supporting multiple options, e.g. checkboxes or multi-selects.

with parsing mode set to Text list

Issue type

Choose Selected issue type → Sub-task

Parent issue

Choose Current issue


Enter the following expression

# This is a reference to each value returned by the text list.

with parsing mode set to Advanced Text


To enrich the issue with further information, you might want to add a short description. It is not mandatory, though.

Run as


Choose Current user


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.