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Use case

Update the status of the linked issues to the status of the current issue after transitioning the current issue.


Add the Transition issue post function to the transition of your choice or create a new one.

In our case we created a transition called Reject that goes to status Rejected.

Target issue

Choose Linked-issues

Filter by link type

Select the issue link types that connect the current issue with the linked issues.

In our case we added only the duplicates issue link type.

Filter by issue type

Select the issue type of the linked issues that must be transitioned, as for instance, Bug.

Filter by status and Filter by resolution

These fields can be left blank.


Choose Transition to status and select Rejected from the drop down menu.

Make sure that the status can be reached by the linked issues from their current status. Otherwise they will not be transitioned.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.