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Use case

Sub-tasks can be used to structure your work. But keeping parents and sub-tasks in sync can be hard.

In the following use case the parent issue gets transitioned to In Progress, if one of the sub-tasks are being transitioned to In Progress.


Add the Transition issue post function to the desired transition or create a new transition in the sub-task workflow.

You might want to add the post function to the transition from To Do to In Progress in the sub-task workflow.

Target issue

Choose Parent issue


Choose Transition to status and select the In Progress status from the drop-down list.

Adapt the status according to your needs!

Make sure that the selected status can be reached by the parent issue.

If, e.g. the parent issue is in status To Do, there must be a transition (or a global transition) to In Progress in order to transition the parent issue.

If there is no transition, the parent issue won't be transitioned. 

Conditional execution

The conditional execution is needed so that the parent issue only will be transitioned if it is in status To Do. If it is in another status, the transition shouldn't take place.

Enter the following expression:

%{parent.status} = "To Do"

Adapt the status according to your needs.


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.