This validator evaluates the value of JWT project property

The main benefit of using and comparing project properties is, that a workflow can be shared across multiple projects, but the behavior or the possible transitions are depending on the individual projects.


Property key

Specify the key of the JWT project property that should be checked in Basic text mode.

Property value

 Specify the property value that should be checked against in Basic text mode.


Select how to compare the value against the given project property. The following options are available:

  • is equal
  • isn't equal
  • contains
  • doesn't contain
  • starts with
  • doesn't start with
  • ends with
  • doesn't end with
Validation options

The validation can be skipped under certain circumstances Select one or multiple scenarios in which you want to skip the validation to ensure the correct execution of certain operations.

If the transition is triggered by a JWT post function, e.g. through Transition issue, the validation will be skipped.

If the transition is triggered by a bulk operation, the validation will be skipped.

If the create transition is triggered by a clone operation, the validation will be skipped.

f the create transition is triggered by a mail handler, the validation will be skipped.

Error message

You can optionally define a custom error message in case the validator fails, which will be shown to the user trying to execute the transition.

You have the following options:


Define where the error message should be displayed. By default, the message will be shown at the top of the transition screen, or in case there is no transition screen, as a popup.

Alternatively, you can locate the message below any other field. This option only makes sense, if there is a transition screen defined for the specific transition.

Due to limitations in Jira Service Management, the location parameter will be ignored on Jira Service Management related screens. The location parameter only works for the Create Issue transition screen if JSD version 4.10 or higher is being used.


Define the content of the error message in Basic text mode or Advanced text mode.

Learn more about the possibilities of the JWT expression editor.

In comparison to e.g. our calculated custom fields it is not possible to display HTML here. Displaying links to specific issues, for example, is not possible inside the error message.


After clicking on the Add translation button you can optionally translate the error message to other languages.

The language in which the error message will be displayed depends on the language setting of the individual users.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.