Dig up, polish and display the data you really want in Jira issues.

Simply define what information you need and show the results live in two custom field types for text or number values - dynamically composed using our powerful JWT expression editor.

Install Smart Fields for Jira directly from your Jira Cloud site.

You need to be a Jira administrator to install apps!

Click on the cog icon on the top right bar and under Jira settings select Apps.

The Atlassian Marketplace page will be displayed, in the search bar, type in Smart Fields

The app will appear on the list, select it and start your free trial!

Follow the first steps to get started!

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.

Install Smart Fields for Jira or ask your friendly Jira administrator to install it for you. Either directly from within Jira or from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Smart fields can only be created and configured by a Jira administrator.

Start creating and configuring your first Smart field by browsing to Administration → Issues → Fields → Custom Fields → Create custom field

Update the field layout of the issue view and include your newly created Smart field.

Pin the field or make it a Description field if it is important for users to see the field right away.


Different types for different needs

Smart Fields for Jira ships with two universal and dynamic custom field types for all kinds of needs. Instead of flooding your Jira site with many potentially unused and unneeded field types, you only need to create and configure a smart field when you really need it. 

What you want to see as output is entirely up to you. The expression editor best known from our best-rated Jira app Jira Workflow Toolbox (Cloud) will surface the data you need and display the results in one of the following field types:

  • Smart number fields to display any kind of number, such as the number of open subtasks, unresolved or blocking issues and many more
  • Smart text fields to display additional information such as details of the issue creator, historic due dates and many more


Dynamic values - take the "static" out of of your data

No more unnecessary clicks and searches: Smart Fields for Jira was designed to effortlessly visualize information that was hidden under the hood.

Results are being updated dynamically every time you load an issue, so the information you seek is always live.

The spectrum ranges from simply displaying text from various sources, such as issue comments from linked issues, to complex calculations of accumulated time spent on related epics.

Why smart?

It's not only about just displaying existing data, you can manipulate it too. Using the power of the JWT expression editor, you can customize and enhance the data the way you need it.

From automatically adding days to an expected due date to calculating project costs based on hourly rates.

Using additional Display formats you can even define what the output will look like - adding a currency or weight unit has never been easier. 

Troubleshooting made easy

Every execution of Smart Fields is being tracked in a dedicated Execution log.

So you no longer need to dig deep into Jira when hunting for bugs in your expressions. 

Struggling with finding the correct expression?

Even though we can't give the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything, our 68 built-in templates help to create your first fields with just a few clicks.