sumUp for Jira Cloud adds four new powerful gadgets to your Jira Cloud instance that can be added to any Jira dashboard.

After installing the app, simply head over to any dashboard you own or create a new one.

To get familiar with the different options the various gadgets have to offer we suggest adding all of them to your dashboard.

Add the gadgets

Simply add the gadget you need to your dashboard(s) and configure them according to your requirements.

To use sumUp on your dashboard view, click on Add gadget on the right side of your screen

An add gadget menu will slide from the right hand side of the screen, on search gadgets type in sumUp then click on add under the image of the desired gadget:

Configure the gadgets according to your needs. More details on the various parameters can be found on the relevant pages:

Pro tip: Rename the gadget (by clicking on the ellipsis menu and then rename, as shown below) to include information about what users can expect as a result.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.